Sex Therapy Counseling

Title: Therapy and Sexuality Counseling

It is not  for people to experience sex-related challenges at some point in their lives. I am a licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor providing sex therapy to couples, individuals, and polyamorous people with diverse sexuality concerns. I am skilled in dealing with a variety of issues, including:

  • Loss of desire
  • Discrepancies in desire between couples
  • Obsessive sexual behavior (sometimes called sexual addiction)
  • Erection or ejaculation difficulties
  • Fetishism
  • Issues of gender identity
  • Issues pertaining to sexual identity and sexual orientation
  • Polyamory
  • Challenges around orgasm
  • Sexual pain for men and women
  • Vaginismus (contractions of the vagina that prevent penetration)
  • Sexuality and chronic illness
  • Sexuality and physical ability
  • Trauma
  • Paraphilias (Note: we do not work with sex offenders, but we do offer referrals)

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